Tuning the creative receiver with Beethoven and Einstein

Ludwig Van Beethoven

"The Master of Music"

So I got up today after struggling to sleep last night, started the day off with a good meditation and got my head clear and ready to rock and roll.   Today I chose to dive right into serious analysis of the first movement of Beethoven’s violin concerto.

I think I moved a lot closer to being comfortable with developing the ideas I’ve been developing for my concerto.  Ripping apart the music and observing how Beethoven pieced this violin masterpiece together is mindboggling.

The score itself, reads like a perfect mathematical equation, you know? I imagine Beethoven and Einstein had a lot in common, aside from both being a little crazy a bit of the time!  The way the piece is structured, is anything but simple to achieve, yet, it is assembled with such genius that it ends up looking like an organized first principal equation I tell you!

"The Master of Numbers"

I’m kind of lost for words on my analysis right now.  I think I need to sit and type my notes into a document to pull them off the manuscript to make sense of them.  I kept having these light-bulb moments again and again when flipping back and forth through the movement watching Beethoven weave the melodies in and out of keys, while observing the smallest little idioms masterfully evolving over the duration.

footnote: It is believed that Beethoven finished the solo part so late that Clement had to sight-read part of his performance! (wikipedia)

As the first movement goes on, I definitely sense Beethoven giving the violin line more and more breathing space, culminating in a perfectly placed pause for the cadenza.  Its very subtle, but that’s what makes it brilliant.

The contrast between Shostakovich 1, Prokoviev 1 and Beethoven 1, blows my mind wide open to the creative possibilities for my melody line.  Its as if I just tuned in to the radio frequency that these gentlemen are broadcasting at and I can now call on them for creative concepts.

I think, as my first movement is definitely going to be slow, I should ‘tune’ to the slow movement of Beethoven before I set off on the next phase of my writing journey. I am only days away I feel……..

now…. for some food.

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