tired tonight…

I’m tired tonight… I figured out the chords I like for the first half of the first movement, and now I’m pooped.. I’m honestly all listened out. Its been a productive few days, but I can’t even hear the music right now my brain is so fatigued. I am moving faster through the analysis though, so not too many complaints from me there. Thank God I’m not having to video blog this one…. and to think I didn’t even practise clarinet today! tscha!!!

The only other news, were some conversations with the CMC in Dublin today. Their deadline for new representation is next Tuesday and I’m thinking of applying though nervous of wasting time and getting turned down.  I’m not really sure what the selection process is, but it feels like its a competition or something where someone is judging you on the quality of your writing.

Its strange that unknown. I guess, I should just battle ahead, as I’ve won more competitions, had my music heard by more people and sold more CD‘s than a lot of the people currently represented, so based on that alone, that should make me representable, but we shall see.


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