scales and violins..

I was practicing clarinet today, working my way back towards having my playing chops recover as I am writing, as I sometimes write on clarinet, or at least use it to test things. I figure why not be able to share in the sound making fun with Cora!!

Anyway, as I’ve been practicing over the last few weeks, I’ve been playing close attention to my scales and arpeggios as I slowly loosen up my fingers and gain control back over the various tones in the various ranges of the instrument.  I’ve been developing routines as a composer in my scales to help me improve my finger technique and to hone in on my weaknesses.

Today when going through scales I decided to gradually add either flats or sharps to the scales to see how easily I made the transitions and discovered something I’d never noticed before – as I added flats, the scale tonic rose a 4th while adding sharps rased the tonic a 5th. Now, I know since we’ve been kids and learned our key signatures, that has been staring us in the face, but somehow I missed it.

As I went though the scales weaving from one to the other by adding or subtracting accidentals, a thought suddenly hit me – were sharp keys best for strings because of the tuning of the strings? Did it in any way cause ease of motion between keys and for double stopping?

I must talk to Cora about this.

On clarinet, flats work best, as the fingers lift one after the other moving up the instrument, whereas a sharp slowly pulls fingers out of the regular routine…

It just struck me as more than coincidental that the tuning is in 5ths and the scales move from G to D to A to E etc….Back to resting my back now, after a joint trip to the physical therapist and then the chiropractor…..

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