Piano Days

I’ve spent the last few days sitting at the piano banging around my theme and listening to desperately out of tune chords – still waiting on a piano tuning….

It’s been a different week – I have had my melodic ideas more present in my head and more dominant in my daily life, and impatience is taking over as I am bubbling with ideas and struggling to spit them all out in some order that makes sense just yet… so there are pages of manuscript loaded with notation that makes sense to me. Its like a sketchbook but its starting to load up with ideas.

I spent a day this week sitting in on practice with Cora as well. It was actually fairly inspiring. As she warms up she just runs all these 4 octave exercises while reading whatever she can get her hands on and I am not sure she knows that the average violinist can’t run those exercises when they are focusing on them! I’ve never heard arpeggios sound so enchanting.

I’m hoping the weekend brings some more organization to my writing. I realized today I leave for Los Angeles in 4 weeks! tick tock…..tick tock…… Beethoven spat out his concerto in 4 weeks or there abouts so lets see if I can channel some inspiration from him 🙂 It would be nice to have it constructed before then, even though we still have time….

Cora and I had a long chat today … about 2 1/2 hours worth…. and I have to admit, its always an enjoyable experience and invariably an uplifting one as well. I see us both struggling with various things in our life at the moment, and the way I see it is a discrepancy between what we, the soul/person/spirit are journeying towards and what our mind manages to convince us we should be busy doing.  I am not convinced the human mind can comprehend time in its true sense.  On our journey, we should really be busy letting Time carry us from where we now stand, to where our inevitable future has us placed, but instead, our mind wants to fret and panic over what it wishes us to do this very moment, even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with our spiritual journey.

So, my plan for the moment, is to let Time carry me and sightsee along the way. Its easier than walking right?!

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