Music and a Documentary

Building a Dream

I had such a wonderful meeting today about getting this process turned into a documentary film.  Cora and I have a very aligned vision around the whole concerto. We have been dreaming of world tours, a book, a documentary and a new charity not to mention some fun phone apps and ring-tones!

紀錄片雙年展, Taiwan Documentary Film Festival

Taiwan Documentary Film Festival

I think we are both thinking our dreams out loud if that makes sense.  I dream of a sold out premiere, with an enthusiastic audience in Paris, following in the footsteps of Giants. Its very inspiring to write with your dreams permeating through your thoughts! It is for me at least! It means all the sacrifices will be worth it.

Anyway, back to tonights conversations. We spoke about the whole project, and about Cora and my evolving friendship over the years and our larger dreams for the ‘project’ as it really is a project more than a concerto when you consider all the aspects that are attached to it. To have two enthusiastic listeners, both women and film producers, speak with such conviction, strength and resonance about our project was amazing.  I came home so invigorated and encouraged with their understanding of our vision.

They agree that the whole concept of a ‘Hope Concerto‘ is way bigger than a piece of music, and has the capacity to become a philosophy or even a movement of its own if we direct it along. Documenting it, and using the film to cross promote the music and a newly created charity not only appealed to them, but they suggested it before I had gotten to explain that was already part of Cora’s and my hopes for the journey.

It was inspiring to feel less insane than I often feel with these ideas. They were encouraging me, not to rush it all and to consider giving it time to piece it all together, because it could be way bigger than the sum of its parts if we allow it the correct gestation period. They felt the funding was there for the documentary, as was the audience, but that Cora and I would have to be patient and allow the process to move at its pace – in other words, let the pre-production follow its trajectory and find the best place and time for a rocking premiere that can be captured in all its glory for the film.

I’m doing my best to do that – be patient – with the music, but to hear them say it about everything else was refreshing.

Musical Pornography

Musical porn? Really? Read on and it will become clearer in a few sentences I hope 🙂

Writing has been going well.  I’ve been flushing out ideas for the development section while hunting for the best extension for my melody. I’ve my music on the piano (still out of tune… but getting the gift of perfect pitch on Thursday morning!), my clarinet and oboe on stands beside me, and the laptop on the table with wikipedia pages open on all topics from greek scales, to prokofiev, to classical concertos….

Its musical pornography I tell you, seriously!

I’ve moved in thought in the last day to the realization that I might only do three movements and do a slow-fast-slow order like Prokofiev did.  I need to look into his development more now that I realize his first movement is in sonata form… I really want to find that structure in it. It is way more obvious in Beethoven, so I want to have the mental acume to find it in both.

Its interesting to note that Prokofiev took a lot of grief for breaking with the traditional concerto form. Its actually encouraging…. because it is a reminder to open up and write what I feel. I notice in his first movement it sounds like he is evolving continuously, so I am really curious to see how he adheres to sonata form while making it sound like that, as it is actually along the lines of what I am thinking!

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