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Well, I spend a few days in London, taking some important meetings pertaining to the Concerto while catching up with some old friends. Its been a strange time.  I’m completely stressed out about my writing process. Its scary as hell right now. I am nervous about just about everything with the concerto and doubting myself beyond belief.

What is my problem? Well, today its pain……loads of pain. I’ve had an oddly irritating hip and shoulder for the last month or two… since just before I left for America in fact. Well, lugging a bag around London on and off the tube really did a number on them both. By this morning, I could barely move and had to go to a physiotherapist.

Tonight there is some relief, but it is more to do with this ridiculously strong muscle relaxant of a pill that my sister slipped me. It is not a long stretch of the imagination to say that I am high on drugs right now.

London was fun, but it couldn’t quite shift the stress. I keep thinking, Cora is off playing the Opera, growing a whole baby, and I’m here over-thinking writing a bloody piece of music that just refuses to come out. My time at Guthrie is approaching, and Ladislav will be in Prague before I know it and I am still frustrated.

Friday: I got into Gatwick dirt early on Friday, headed into the city and met Daragh from Seneca, left my bags with him and headed to Hyde Park on a gorgeous sunny day, with my ipod and a plastic bag filled with music. Spiritual discourses, Prokofiev violin concertos and a note pad complimented with an Ice Cream Cone and cold bottled water…. a relaxing day at last…… finally figured out the form going on inside Prokofiev’s head I think!

Some more listening at a Starbucks over a hot chocolate and I actually got a lot of work done. Maybe I should be looking for a sponsorship relationship with them! Ha! Anyway, a late change of plans resulted in a snap visit with my friend Karen David. I haven’t seen her in ages and her career has come so far since then, that it was an inspiration and a kick in the ass to see her. Watching her on BBC’s Waterloo Road and Pixelface makes me want to crank my own journey up a notch.

We sat there after dinner sharing our dreams for the future – when it came to mine, I understood that I quiet clearly wanted this concerto to give me a fair shot at a growing writing career.  A producer at the meal was inspired enough by my eulogy to tell me he would put me in touch with a large composer publisher when I am ready which was a wonderful end to a dreamy tale!

Saturday: The next day, was all about visiting and meeting my friend Anupam and his wife Ruta for the first time.  I did a film with Anupam called Fresh Suicide last year at its been having a great run at festivals since then winning a pile of awards. We headed to a barbecue at a further friends house that night before one final tube ride home and more excessive film conversations!

Sunday: Believe it or not, after two days of gorgeous sun in London, is rained all bloody day, which was fine for me, as Anupam, Ruta and myself cooked Indian food all day at home, alongside watching Nadal win the French Open. On a completely different tangent, I’ve wanted to learn to cook Indian food for so long seeing as veggies are my primary diet, and Ruta obliged by showing me a pile of dishes I can do myself. I also read Anupam’s new film script and it had a surprising end that gave me all sorts of angles that the music could  approach the story from. We’ll figure that out at the end of the year when we are on the project…:)

Monday: A day of important meetings that could influence the success of the concerto project in a big way. First up, was Jim Reid at Warner Chappelle Publishing. Jim was over on my panel in Trinity College in December and it was fantastic to see him again and finally get to sit down at his office and talk about our lives and music of course! Jim was very enthusiastic about what I was up to, which I didn’t really expect, seeing as I’m in the middle of more of a classical project, and he is in the song publishing world. He kindly offered his support both now and when the time comes to find some publishing and support for the concerto launch which is absolutely fantastic.

Next up was finally getting to meet Simon Long who I have known via the music business for a few years now. We had a wonderful lunch at a local pub and talked about the music industry and solved all its problems over some food and drink. What can I say? ! It was wonderful afternoon and great to finally shake Simons hand in person after so many phone calls and emails over the years.

I grabbed a Starbucks (see a trend here???) with Anupam after completely getting lost walking across the Thames and heading the wrong direction, before later metting up with Daragh to head back to his brothers place to get some advice from his sister in law (Aurelie) about the documentary idea and see what if anything Universal might like to see. I was surprised yet again, to find out that the concept was very interesting to them, even if we might have to elevate the project by getting some established names on board to get their full attention. We had some wonderful creative conversation that night about the whole project and although I hit the sack late, I was feeling positive. Positive as well, knowing that this was really the last of my main duties outside writing for the next while, which should hopefully let me make some serious progress finally.

Dublin: And now the return and the blog has come full circle. After getting back to Dublin, my left shoulder and hip suddenly stepped up their pain levels.  I felt crippled after getting back and writing was has been the last thing on my mind as I can barely sit, walk, type, or lie down. At least I have some relief now!

I’m hoping to try and make either or both of Cora’s gigs this weekend, as long as its not to aggravating to walk….fingers crossed!

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