turning of the tides….

Its hard to describe the volatility of the creative mind, but let me at least try. I’ve been feeling so down on my writing for a few weeks that sometimes I wonder why I bother at all. I look at friends of mine like Tim or Edwin or Abel and see them doing these amazing things with their amazing music and wonder why should I even try.

Then suddenly, I go on a writing spree for 3 straight days and I feel like an entirely different person. It feels likes its a completely different mind running the show. Out of the blue, I see the potential in the piece again, and get excited about the notes I am writing and the connection between them that is unfolding in front of my eyes.

Today, Steven called and has been working on arranging a day of film shooting for the documentary this coming Monday. It made me realize how much pressure is lifted about the documentary now that I’m not afraid that moments are slipping by and I am doing nothing to grab them. Conor and himself are handling it, and it feels fantastic. …. deep sigh…. My only concern is what Sinead has to say about it, as I think he called the NCH asked for her and I’m not sure how she’ll take the surprise request for help shooting around the concert hall on Monday!

My head feels clear, my meditations are solid if not spectacular, and it seems it all adds up to a little more clarity in the writing process. Suddenly, my second movement idea is making more sense to me, I am way closer to laying out the 3rd movement chant, and the first movement concept is really flying together more than it has before. I just need to remember to try and speak to the frame drummer with Cora if I can. That would really help the forth movement come into my consciousness stronger than it currently is, although, I think it will all be obvious by the time I get there…

I sent facebook messages around today hoping to drum up some more readership for the blogs and facebook…. Lets see how that goes….

OK… finish watching harry potter (gorgeous orchestrations) and then sleep…

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- composer specializing in transforming lives via beautiful music and unconventional and ideas....
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